Dr Janice Jones looks at things differently.  If you are tired of being treated and never seeing real results, or you have lost hope because doctors were chasing symptoms which only led to confusion, maybe you are ready for a different point of view.  Dr Jones believes in listening closely to you and in asking your body itself what it needs, so that there is no guessing.  She then uses gentle methods to guide you back to balance and whole-body healing.

Whether adult, teenager, child or infant, Dr Jones is ready to help.  She uses a gentle adjusting technique that allows the bones to reposition themselves and takes stress off the brain.  Dr Jones notices more profound changes with this technique than any other.  To support the physiology and emotions of the body/mind, she uses specific homeopathic remedies that are tasteless, do not interact with any drugs, and have no contraindications. 

By using a special biosequencing protocol, Dr Jones always knows when and where your body needs an adjustment and which homeopathic remedies are needed at a particular time to get the greatest overall results.  Her powerful and fail-safe means of restoring normal healing patterns produces unprecedented results.  Please read the testimonials at the bottom of these pages to know how profoundly the right care, at the right time, with the right doctor can be. 

Then, please call to make an appointment with Dr Jones to begin your healing adventure. 

It is important for you to know that Dr Jones does not treat any diseases, illnesses, or conditions.  Her only intention is to assist your body in regaining its native abilities to recuperate, to heal, to work properly.  As a chiropractor,  she is concerned with building health rather than curing disease.  As it turns out, as your body works better and health builds, many symptoms and conditions may improve or disappear.  There are times it is appropriate to seek medical care.  Dr Jones supports you in doing so and, in these cases, is happy to work with you as the holistic doctor on your team.


I can tell you without a doubt that I would not have the quality of life that I enjoy today if it weren’t for Dr Janice Jones. After years of excruciating sciatic pain that kept me from enjoying golf and made life miserable, Dr Jones was the doctor that finally helped me. I highly recommend you see her if you don’t want to live on pain medication or have surgery.
— Glenn Miller
I had lower back pain so went to a “traditional” chiropractor for treatment. After five adjustments my lower back was no better and now my neck was extremely painful. After two treatments with Dr. Jones, my neck was almost pain-free and my lower back was much better. I keep improving with each treatment. I so appreciate her painless adjustments. As a side effect, the ringing in my ears, which I have had at least 20 years, is almost gone.
— Kathie Specht
When I first started coming in here, Dr. Jones’ work made me feel so relaxed. As I kept coming in her work stopped my seizures and I have less tension in my back. When I get stressed out, after I come in here I feel brand new. I have had seizures since I was in the sixth grade and eight years later, after I came to her, they stopped.
— Rachel Philipps

Holistic chiropractic in Phoenix resulted in sciatic pain relief.  Painless adjustments brought natural help for lower back pain and chronic neck pain. Alternative health care in Phoenix AZ provided chiropractic help for tinnitus, tension, and seizures.